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The Bruins’ chances are still slim, but after their road victory over Washington, UCLA has vaulted up the latest selection committee rankings to 11th. UCLA will have to win out the rest of their schedule and probably hope that ASU loses to Arizona. Then if they can upset Oregon in the PAC 12 championship and some other SEC dominos fall, they have an outside shot. Even if ASU wins out, if they suffer a huge loss to Oregon, it could still play out to UCLA's favor and get them into a premier postseason game. We will have to see what happens the next few weeks!
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I think ucla might move up to 8 with all the other lossea
@TrueBruin Tuesday nights have now become exciting! I'm very curious what the new CFP rankings will be. Very smart of the NCAA to make it release on Tuesday night when not much else is going on
@merechriskang you bet! When they picked of Kelly I was jumping up and down! Now the Bruins just need to finish their business and take out the wretched Trojan... Definitely won't be easy but I think ucla is still favored by a small margin!
Well @truebruin you must be ecstatic. Osu, the giant killers!
@Spudsy2061 Well the problem with merging conferences is that conferences like the Pac 12 and SEC don't want those weaker schools joining them to water down the conference. I'm sure a lot of money is at play too. I think the new playoff system is definitely an improvement. While it is not perfect, at least now we can't bicker that it will be an SEC vs SEC game every year again. Now the other conferences at least have a chance to win the championship.
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