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Falling is something that's going to happen when you're learning to ride, or if you're learning new tricks. The key is to have a few techniques that will help you fall in the safest way. So there are two common ways to fall, the first is catching your toe edge and fall forward, possibly hurting your wrists. The second is catching your heels and falling backwards, where you could hurt your tailbone. When you're out there riding your want to be progressing your riding with small steps where you have the greatest chance of succeeding with the smallest chance of falling. and if you do happened to fall you have these tools to help keep you safe
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This is so important! So many of my friends have broken wrists from falling badly, or collarbones. I landed on my tailbone really badly once and have had some sciatica to deal with since. Still snowboarding, though! Falling is a skill you can learn, and I still prefer snow to concrete!