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This is an edit made by my friend Joren. "A few friends from the rogue valley who all love to longboard." I like his editing skills, and song choice. Haters beware; some shots with no helmets:O At the very end my other friend Konner eats it hard with out a half shell, and loses his board in a sewer drain. Some guy held him by his ankles as he dangled underneath the cold ground to grab his. I agree with who ever said this . That was a lot of commitment to get that board back!
@EricDavis HAHAHAHA!!! Noted, I barely noticed that until you said something about it. I think it's funny how when they bomb it is pretty much always the same hill, and I don't even think they did it from the top..
this is a cool video keep it up
it's a good vid, to be sure! just funny little observations xD
This video has more transitions than Star Wars.
and what kooks lol. solemn longboarding. Sounds like a blast o.O
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