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A Korean tire company has come up with a solid bike tyre that it claims will compete with the regular pneumatic variety. After being launched three years ago in Asia, Tannus Tires are hitting the UK market. Using a newly developed compound polymer called Aither, they offer the prospect of punctureless riding with a rider-friendly level of comfort and rolling resistance. Pros: 9,000 miles before needing replacing $100 per tire 700x23c Musai model also weighs in at just 380g Cons: still heavier than a pair of tubs rolling resistance eight per cent higher than a regular tire
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I don't think we'll see a return of the solid tyre. The difference in terms of grip and repelling water is about as clear as it is in Formula 1. In F1, all the lap records were smashed in like 2000-2006 when they used the ribbed, treaded tyre. Now their on slicks and seconds slower, not to mention more slippery in the wet.