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Introducing our third runner, Xie Yi! As a drama student from China, Xie is currently an MC for an exciting new program focusing on traveling the world. He got this job thanks to his performance on a hit talent show. His stand up comedy routine won him the chance to work under top entertainers in the industry. He has also starred in many movies, dramas and plays in China! A lover of traveling and entertainment, Xie jumped at the opportunity to join Run @ Seoul where he could explore a new city while getting the chance to meet and connect with people all over the world. He'll certainly be quite the character to watch! What adventures will you send him on? Learn more about the runners and how you can participate on our official page:
I would want him to do really funny missions just to see how he would handle it, I'm looking forward to watching him!
Haha! He sounds like he'll be really funny to watch :)