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Mozilla Firefox is taking a huge stand for internet privacy. According to Mozilla’s research in October 2014, 74 percent of the 7000 adults surveyed said that they feel their personal information on the internet is less private in today’s world than it was a year ago. The same 74 percent also responded saying that they believe internet companies know too much about them as individuals. Upon seeing this data, Mozilla responded with enthusiasm: “Today, we are excited to announce a new strategic initiative at Mozilla called Polaris. Polaris is a privacy initiative built to pull together our own privacy efforts along with other privacy leaders in the industry.” Mozilla will be working with Tor Project and Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), using them as advisors in their Polaris project. I think this is a major stance to take as one of the most popular internet browsers today. I feel that other companies such as Google are well on their way to making similar programs for privacy. What do you all think about this? I for one will be excited to see how the program is implemented!
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This is definitely great news! I really love Firefox, I am glad they are doing this...a great way to encourage others, like Google, to do the same.
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