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I got really excited last month when I heard about the dress code (and wage/health care!) changes that Starbucks was implementing. One of my favorite parts about working at the store was the great benefits, but I really hated the dress code! I got away with wearing black jeans for my entire career there, but at the time, only slacks and khaki colored pants were allowed. Now, black jeans are officially sanctioned! Yay! Great news! Even better than that, you are officially allowed to be inked. Tattoos (even those that visible) are officially allowed by Starbucks now, even though it used to ban those (as well as unnatural hair colors). With this policy change, though, Starbucks has also made the decision to ban "bling" aka watches, big rings, and other jewelry. People are upset about this because it means that they can't wear their engagement rings at work, and this rule has been being enforced at some Starbucks. However, I think the reasoning behind the rule is reasonable: it has to do with health safety standards! Even with constant washing of the hands, something like this can hold contaminants that can then cause things that shouldn't be in drinks to get in there! What do you think? I'd say its reasonable (especially since wedding bands are still allowed) but many are upset about the rule.
okay my comment made No Sense. lol. When I say "reasonable" I mean, to say the banning oc jewelry makes sense on paper but completely arbitrary and dumb in real life.
Totally reasonable. But the bigger question is How did you get away with black jeans for so long? @hikayamm The ban on jewelry is absurd. imo because up until this point in time, it's never been an issue there or anywhere in food service industry. I get where they're coming from but it doesn't ring true.
@marshalledgar Totally agree!! If its a big necklace dangling and knocking over drinks, OK, but in all our health safety reviews I never had a problem with it! I don't know how I managed to get away with black jeans. It probably was because my manager had me working the 5am shift every day, and he knew I'd be mad if he took my jeans from me! No one wanted that shift.