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Our fifth and final runner is Okazaki Kento of Japan! Kento has been an athlete since he was in elementary school, starting with swimming and handball. He then became a serious runner in high school where he was a top track team member! In college, he became interested in foreign countries and languages despite his engineering major. Kento would often travel alone and has even visited Korea! In Japan, he does a lot of volunteer work that has let him make many foreign friends, and he hopes to continue to meet people from all over the world. Always excited to keep traveling, Kento is happy to announce that he has recently achieved his dream of working for an international airline that will help him connect Japan and outside of the world. What missions will you give this world explorer? Learn more about the runners and how you can participate on our official page:
Haha he's so cute! I love his tower of pisa pic!
I love that he reached his goal of working for an airline, he must really love traveling!