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they seem useful but not when little pebbles get stuck between tho? you?
They go nice with tarantula trucks and shark wheels!
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Idk @JcubStone they still seem pretty useless to me. Like @Jlukasik said, they fit with Gullwing sidewinders and shark wheels. Or tarantula trucks and pintails. They're just pretty kooky is all.
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@steezus it's not meant to protect the wheel from being cored. it's meant to protect the rider from splash when riding in water and it also prevents wheel bite, wheel lock, and your shoes from hitting the wheel.
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Kooky. And frankly useless. Wheels are meant to be cored, not protected and shielded.
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Dream Setup: Gullwing Sidewinders, Shark Wheels, Wheel Shields <3 <3 jk these are rubbish. how are you supposed to lean when these are not allowing your truck to lean? impractical 0/10 would not ride again.
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