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A really wonderful article from the Huffington Post. It’s something many of us have heard in our lives, I know I have at least. Never settle, always strive for the very best because you deserve to be happy. Settling will only leave you unsatisfied, not because you made the wrong choice but because you’ll never know if there was something better out there which is not a feeling any of us wants to have. One thing that stood out to me was the questions the article poses. Why do we settle in our relationships, both romantic and platonic. Why do we keep toxic or unfulfilling relationships alive rather than seeking out what’s best for us? I think a huge part of what makes us do this is fear of the unknown. Letting go of someone, even someone who’s hurting us is frightening. Even when you have a romantic partner or friend who isn’t giving you what you need, having them there provides a certain stability and letting them go sets you free but also sets you adrift. In the end I do agree that it’s worth it, WELL worth it. Being picky about who and what you include in your life and focusing on enriching your life and yourself will lead you to a much happier ending than settling ever will.
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Hmmm, yes, I agree...fear of unknown is a big issue. Also, I think deep down inside we lose sight of our worth...thinking that we won't be able to find someone better and should just deal with it and settle down.