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I like farmlands with the straight hills one after the other. It goes up and down for a long time, and when you get tired and wanna head back to the car, you turn back around and do it again. We got them out here in Jersey. I stopped by the farmlands area yesterday morning. Wish the photos were better but it was so foggy! First pic included is my dream farmland area (taken by Duster's California).
Dang @Yaco that's like the ideal perfect road.
I like a car free road with some turns that won't make it crazy fast or too slow. fast enough to slide and keep speed, yet slow enough to not spill
@mikerosa92 I get speed wobbles so I try to play it safe :P. Could just be my ankles tho!
I like them turns, straight roads can be a bit boring
2 and 3 actually go on for a while but I couldn't get a good shot because of the fog!
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