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I live in Florida, and have always thought that it was a bummer to be in Florida and longboard cause there are no huge hills, but now that I see that everyone has to stow away their boards for winter in other states makes me unsure. xD What do you guys think?
There are hills in florida, they just happen to be inside parking garages most of the time. But really though, you just need to know where to look.
While you may not be able to bomb hills, you live in like one of the best states for freestyle!
Living in the desert, winter is actually the perfect season to board
I kinda feel the same way. I live in key west Florida and there are almost no hills, and the few that there are is not that fast at all. but on the other hand, it is nice that I can cruise all year round. and it's nice for LDP if you're into distance training.
you have to go clermont I live in Jupiter and we go to clermont to skate sometimes. every year there is a race at sugar loaf mountain. so awesome great hills!
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