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Bones Super Red. What bearings do you run and how do you guys clean them normally?
@Shulace acetone is a bad idea, use orange degreaser. I use cheetah oil, by far the best for your money
I run zealous built-ins, and clean them atleast once a week. I picked up a cleaning kit and soak them in orange solvent degreaser for a while and then remove them, let them dry, lube them and put everything back together.
@Shulace @NickCongelliere Personally I use denatured alcohol. It's a whole lot cheaper than acetone and you don't have to worry about dissolving any vinyl or plastics. @Agek What's really wrong with acetone though? Denatured alcohol and orange degreaser are about the same price but degreaser takes a bit longer in my experience
I bought a canister of acetone to clean, kind of a dick to dispose though. Got sector 9 butter lube for like 5 bucks but it's so hard to apply and there's hardly anything in it. What do you guys use for lube?
I've got myself some Bones Super Red as well. Amazing bearings! Haven't had to clean mine yet though