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Guna at last upgrade my stock double barrel bushings for something a bit more carvy. (Earthwing supermodel on Paris trucks) Was thinking 86a barrels board side and 83a cones road side. Any bushing setup tips welcome
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@crazyheart yeah, not much difference for me, and double barrel is much more controlled and stable
cool. if there isn't much difference ill stick to double barrels then
Bushings are one of the components which will be hard for people to give advise on, because it is so heavily influenced by personal reference. I'd say the bushings shape should work fine, and for the duro look up the weight chart on Motion for reference. Just keep riding and find that sweet combination that compliments you the best. It may take a lot of tests and trials, buying of multiple bushing packs though, good luck!
Thanks man :)
I was going to give some advice but it looks like @Shulace covered it.