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My newest toy!
It does look really nice. Could you post more pics about the features? I personally have the MetaWatch, which is nice but does not look as cool as the 360
@AnkitPandey It has a really nice design, I love that it is round...makes it look sleek
Thanks for the info @AnkitPandey! I think I'm going to have to go pick one of these up, now! I want to get the Android Wear experience, as well as the Samsung /Tizen experience... So I think I can justify picking up the Moto360 in the name of research.
Such a great watch. I'm glad I grabbed one on release. In my opinion the best android wear watch out.
@danwest Congratulations on buying the Gear 2. I really like that device but I bought Moto 360 over Gear simply because of the round dial and Android Wear OS. I have now been using this device for about 2 months and not have noticed anything bad except the processor which is a bit slow sometimes. This is specially the case when you wake up the screen after being inactive for a while. Apart from this there have been no complaints so far.
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