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So this is the board I helped my friend put together so he can learn to board. Just a skateboard deck with century trucks, bones red bearings, and Clemente wheels 80 duro 70 mm.
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My first board was some basic board I bought off some sketchy thrift shop. It was one of those cheap boards you'd find at toys r us or Wal-Mart.
Yup, my first was a "Hobie da Cat" board from Academy with plastic trucks. Now I'm waiting for UPS to hurry up with my new Comet shred 38, my how far we've all come!
ride w/ caution if it's skateboard size board.downhill increasing speed causes wobbles well that's based on my experience..that's how I got bruised and ripped shoes Since I and my bestfriend only have skateboard.
Yeah I've helped a few friends start with these kinds of boards too. What I found the most helpful with these types of builds s a big ass riser because wheel bite will be pretty prevalent.
Yeah he replaced the trucks after I went home and only has small risers so when I was over at his house I went on a test run of the board before he really tried to practice and it's clear of wheel bite.@mikerosa92