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Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 6 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48341 ) Ep 6 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48418 ) Ep 7 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48900 ) Ep 7 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48540 ) Ep 8 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49425 ) Ep 8 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48543 ) Ep 9 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49778 ) Ep 9 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/50296 ) Ep 10 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/50494 ) Ep 11 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/51906 ) Ep 12 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/52348 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ The LIVE RECAP starts NOW it'S the last episode Jaehee helps Taejoon to wake up and then prepare the breakfast . Taejoon and Hyonjae exercise together and compete each other. Taejoon told Hyonjae some tricks. Jaehee meet the doctor asking way to do message for Taejoon's leg the doctor teached her from the leg muscle. Hanna was perfecting her make up when Seungri come (Hanna was already got out from the hospital) Hanna is asking something interseting to Seungri, and Seungri told her about the girl rumour in their school. Hanna is asking the continuous news of the rumour. seungri said the guys is trying to catch her. Hanna was so shocked that she made seungri misunderstood. And then Seungri put some wig (bold in the middle) and made Hanna laugh. When Taejoon and Jaehee eat snack, they heared the rumour. Jaehee looked worried but Taejoon said no need, cause he will protect him. Taejoon also asked about Eungyol's news. Jaehee said Eungyol was laying down and Taejoon said to leave it like that. On the way, Eungyol come and asked Jaehee to accompany him to the shoes shop. Taejoon said he also want to go (at practice, he saw Hyonjae shoes was ripped ) At the shop, Taejoon choose shoes and asked for smalleer size, he told Jaehee it was for someone else. Eungyol saw their closeness, and broke them. After they paid, they went to eat the spicy rice cake. At that time, Jaehee and Eungyol founf out they wore their couple tshirt. Taejoon saw it and excuse himself. At the room, Taejoon gave Jaehee a bag. he said it was cheap and same with him. he told her to wear it everyday, Jaehee said she learned how to do message. Taejoon said no need, but Jaehee insist and push him to the bed. Taejoon felt his heart beat so he told her to stay away 2 m from him in the room. Jaehee said no way and touched his leg, it made Teajoon get up and push her a little bit. He then excuse himself. The doctor found Taejoon slept in the clinic. he said he was more comfortable there. Jaehee also aske where was he at night, In the locker room, Hyonjae told Taejoon to beat the new kidz and go to olypic. But Taejoon said he had no ind going alone, he gave Hyonaje the shoes and said let's go together. Hyonjae looked touched. Jaehee was helping Taejoon to prepare his bag for the competition. She also found out the shoe lace she gave him. they finish packing and Jaehee asked him to jump nicely. Taejoon go and they promise to meet each other at the competition day. Jaehee then chase him and kiss him (Taejoon even dropped his bag out of shock) After the akwardness, they separate. the woman teacer was waiting the coach in front of the car. she actually prepare some food for the coach saying it was leftover. the coach was so happy and then the woman teacher left him. Jaehee can't find her diar and also she felt her chest is a little bit weird. she was on exercise iwth the dorm guy and she look exhasuted. Hanna was also on the way, she looked worried since she begin practice again On the way to the game, Taejoon sent message to eungyol asking him to watch out for JAehee. He also accepted message from Hanna, also asking about Jaehee's news. Taejoon said she is fine, and thank you for worrying her. After practice, Jaehee fell down unconcious. The guys open his shirt and found out the bandage, Seungri who was with her sent message to Eungyol asking him if he know . eungyol meet with Seungri and asked to talk with him. Eungyol told him Taejoon also know. the doctor told Jaehee it's all over. She was there long enough and it's not her mistake. Eungyol come and JAehee was crying telling him what should she do when taejoon and hyonaje got in the field, Taejoon gave Jaehee call, but he didin't answered. Seungri was thinking in the gym, thinking about his conversation with JAehee. Jaehee said sorry and asked him not to involve Eungyol and Taejoon. Jaehee said she will be responsible for everything. Seungri was mad but didn't forget to ask about her condition. The news about Jaehee is a girl is spreading made the other dorm head found out. everyone was looking at Jaehee when she was walking but eungyol come and took her to the room. eungyol told her not to worry and said he will not send her like this. The other dorm head was on the way to the teacher room when Seungri stop them and asked them to talk with him. Jaehee was in dog house, saying it's all over now. She hugged the dog Seungri asked the other dorm head to keep it a secret. Seungri said he will be responsible for everything asking them to keep it secret. Since it was his dorm, he want to go to the end. jaehee was waiting for Seungri, Seungri said he will keep it secret from the school. he told her not to worry and go take a rest Jaehee go and talk with the doctor. Jaehee said she will leave.the doctor told her to see the competition then leave. But Jaehee said she will just see the elimination and then left. She cried and the doctor said it will be okay with time goes by. In the room, Jaehee was packing her things. Taejoon called her and he asked her why he can't connect her all day. Taejoon said he miss her and Jaehee just joked him. Taejoon said her voice looked strange and Jaehee said Seungri pushed her around. Taejoon said he will call her but she told him to focus on the practice. After closing their phone, Jaehee kept crying. Jaehee was out from the teacher room. everyone was watchig her. She already quit the school, Eungyol asked her and said it's true. Eungyol said he can't send her like this and said there will be a way. Jaehee just hugged him , eungyol said he doesn't care abut anything just asking her to stay beside him. Jaehee just said sorry then Eungyol left her. Taejoon last practice was perfect. The coach told Taejoon and Hyonjae to take a rest. Taejoon saw jaehee and excuse himself. Jaehee said she miss him so she come. Jaehee was about to leave but Taejoon asked her to go with him. they rode the bike and sit in the park. Taejoon hold Jaehee 's hand Taejoon said let's go back here again after the competition. Jaehee told him to return to the dorm but Taejoons said being with her is the best rest. they hold hand while watching the fountain. Jaehee looked at Taejoon. Taejoon said why u look at me, the more u see me the more handsome he is. Taejoon asked if there is anything wrong but Jaehee said nothing. Jaehee said it's already too late and left walking her bike. Taejoon ride the bike chased her and then kissed her.(making Jaehee's bike fell down) On the bus stop, Taejoon asked her to come early tomorrow, saying he want to see her befoe the game. Jaehee then hold out her hand and said "be good " Taejoon said it's a weird goodbye but just shaked her hand. when the bus come, JAehee was leaving but then turn back and hug Taejoon. Jaehee said she just hate to leave him. Taejoon just touced her hair and said let's meet tomorrow. In the morning, Jaehee was sitting in Taejoon's bed ad remembering all their time together in the room. then she went to open the bathroom and remebering all the moments. jaehee was carrying her bag getting around the school. All the dorm guy was waiting for her with Seungri in front calling her. Seungri said are u not going to see us before u go Jaehee said thank u for everything. Seungri hugged him and said "take a good care" telling her to say goodbye to everyone else. JAehee asked where is Eungyol and then saying goodbye to everyone else. Eungyol come carrying the dog. he looked so dirty from taking the dog. Jaehee said thank you and hugged him. Eungyol told her to be good and she said he should too. Eungyol said are u not going to see Taejoon. Eungyol said he still hasn't forgiven her, and she said she will wait. Jaehee said goodbye to the dog and left. Eungyol cried seeing her leave. Jaehee waved goodbye . Before the game, Taejoon asked if there is no one call him or send him message. Eungyol called the coach ask to talk with Taejoon. Eungyol told him Jaehee is leaving to America. Taejoon left immediately after closing the phone. Hyonjae chased him and stopped him they got into fight and the agenda Jaehee wrote for taejoon's competiton fell down. Taejoon looked at all the record Jaehee wrote Hyonjae asked him to go out with him and said the elimination game begun. Jaehee was on the bus to the airport. the lady beside her was watching the game so she asked to share the earphone. the new kidz was sucessful then it was Taejoon's turn. Taejoon was sucessful with the 2m31cm jump. Teajoon was talking in the camera saying "Jaehee did u hear this, u habve to wait for me, u have to " Jaehee was nodding while crying. one year later, california Jaehee was walking the dog, then checking his email. It was email from eungyol, a videofile "he said he was busy from elimination so he can't send email" he then said" the woman teacher was together with the coach Hanna and seungri is in secret relationship. The doctor suddenly change direction to fashion and go to paris. And complete info he will sned through emai then Eungyol said Taejoon was going on holiday" After watching the video, Jaehee dropped her agenda. When she picked it, She saw Teajoon was already beside her. They hugged each other. And JAehee said " U reallly come" THE END The closing was the picture from the shooting scene This is the second drama which i did Live recap Hope to see u guys again in the next exciting drama To the Beautiful You (Hana Kimi Korean Version) - Episode 16 http://www.vingle.net/posts/59741
WaW!! The end scene is pretty much the same with the manga... Even though I feel something lacked in this drama, but it's still has a lot of cute moments... Thx for the recap!!
Thank you soooooooooo much, hope you will continuse about LIVE recap, I'll follow! See you next drama soon :)
thankyou.. i love your recap..and hope to see more of them :)
thanks so much. You're so pretty good in live cap ^^
thank you :)
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