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So I got these skate pants about a month ago. There called bulletprufe skate denim and they are supposedly ten times stronger than denim! I personally like them a lot better than normal jeans for longboarding because when u fall they slide instead of sticking and making u flip! I fell on them pretty many times and they have held up pretty good except the back pocket has Been sewed on twice. Anyway I think there pretty nice but kinda pricey! What u guys wear when u skate and how has it held up for u????
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Awesome, thank you very much man. @BlakeRuss
What is the name of these crash pants?? @agek
@blakeRuss They are called "crash pants" You can find them here: They last so long and are worth every penny
Wow those are really cool thanks @agek I might have to get me a pair next year
I wear some old BDU pants and they are pretty comfortable