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One of Singapore Chinese newspaper do comparison in the three actor playing "Taejoon " Who do u like the best ? TAIWAN Wu Chun ( Boyband Fahrenheit) Expressive eyes: 2 star Muscles: 4 star Cuteness: 2 star No doubt his eyes are not expressive eyes but his body fitness is definitely fit for the drama. JAPAN Oguri Shun Expressive eyes: 3 star Muscles: 2 star Cuteness: 2 star After Hana Yori Dango, he acted in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, actually Nishikido Ryo was selected to act in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e but due to his busy working schedule.. Oguri Shun played the character...Oguri Shun is handsome but is lacked of sportsmanship, he is not suitable to act as a high jump athlete. Korea Minho (boyband Shinee) Expressive eyes: 3 star Muscles: 3 star Cuteness: 3 star “Doe-eyed beautiful man” Minho’s acting skills still has rooms for improvement but his winning factor is that he’s the youngest among the three of them and his expressions are the cutest. His high jump technique in the drama is the closest to the real compared to Wu Zun and Oguri Shun. Minho comes from a sports family,his father used to represent Korea National football team. Minho won the 1st place in the internet contest on "Korea most athletic idol."
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