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I'm new to the snowboarding community on Vingle but here's a pick of Breckinridge last year it was awesome!!
I love Breckenridge! It's the place I've boarded the most since I started many years ago, and definitely my favorite. The town is so great, too! Lately I miss it, though - I moved to NorCal so I've been hitting up Tahoe. Thanks for letting me feel nostalgic with these photos! Makes me want to make a trip back to Colorado.... Also, welcome to the snowboarding community! I'm pretty new as well :) Can't wait to share!
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Breck is my favorite place to board hands down. I remember last time I went I got their just before I70 got shut down and I had a powder day with only hardly anyone on the mountain. Good stuff
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Wow @teamwaffle that must have been like a dream day!!
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