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Eventough their rating in Korea is not that good, the drama gained popularity abroad. There has been some rumour the drama will be aired abroad On September 23, they had agreement with Japan broadcast channels to air the drama there. A following talks is rumoured to be aired in China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines,Thailand and Vietnam. More and more country is following. A foreseen which channel will aired the korean version of To the Beautiful You In Japan, it's fuji tv since the japanese version was aired in that channel. In Taiwan, maybe gtv since thetaiwan version was aired there in china, maybe cts since the hana kimi version was aired there. In Philippines,maybe abs-cbn (confirmed)
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In Malaysia ~ This drama best ! :D
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Hope Sulli and Minho will acting together again :)
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the best actor..so cute sulli,,~~
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