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I found this article on Vice and had to share it here. Basically, there are some groups that, when their song comes on the radio, we groan and change the station. But what makes these bands so bad? The butt of all musical jokes, Nickelback, is probably the best example. No one really knows why everyone hates Nickelback (minus the 19 million Facebook fans...) but we DO. In 2011, over 55,000 people signed a petition to get the band removed from a Thanksgiving Day halftime show. The petition didn’t work and the band still played, although just one song since they were being booed. It even inspired the Funny or Die clip I attached (at least Nickelback has a sense of humor about it all?) I can probably only name one song by this group, but I still roll my eyes at my cousin who gets excited over going to see them live. If I've never given them a chance, how can I judge them this harshly? According to Vice, "Nickelback’s real musical crime is half-assing several musical genres all at once. They are a grunge band with no edge to them. They are a big arena rock band that should be playing a Jersey shore dive bar. They sound like a Christian rock band who forgot to make references to Jesus. In the Venn diagram of boring musical genres, they are right smack in the bullseye." Sounds about right to me. I don't listen to them because I have no interest in their music or their messages, but at least they aren't making completely un-listenable music? I'm not going to be a Nickelback fan any time soon, but at least I can better understand why they irk me so much.
I actually like nickleback *come at me bruh* they're probably better than some rock bands today. Idc, I liked them regardless >_<
I think people hate them because it's the cool thing to do. Some of the haters probably never even listen to their music. I've only heard a few of their songs and the Vice description above really does fit. I'm gonna try some of their stuff today, give em the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. In the mean time I'm going to post one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands who don't half do anything! I'll tag you, it's brilliant and has a great positive energy!
I think they just need to change up their sound...most of their songs sound the same to me
The hate is deserved. Every song is emo
I feel so bad for them...I usually go for the underdogs...I don't know why there's so much hate :/
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