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CMX Summit is a seminar for community professionals around the world. The seminar started this morning, and while I am not present, I am following as best as I can via Twitter (watch the #cmxsummit tag for updates!) This year they'll be covering everything from building crowdsourcing and collaborative platforms to community psychology and theory. It's already off to a great start, with Douglas Atkin's talk on Airbnb taking the cake as the most inspiring presentation of the day, going from social movements to cults in mere seconds. Here are some of my favorite quotes of his that I pulled from Twitter. "Communities are about really ordinary things, like pugs or child rearing, at a massive scale." @datkin #cmxsummit "At @Airbnb, the normal social arc of going from a stranger to becoming a friend, is compressed into a few seconds." @datkin #cmxsummit "Anyone can belong anywhere. Anyone can be a 'local' of the world." @datkin #cmxsummit I like the term “relationship managers”. Important take away from #cmxsummit It’s more than a community manager; focuses on engagement. A vision or 'impossible' goal of @Airbnb: A world where all 7B human beings can belong anywhere. @datkin #cmxsummit --- Also, something that I absolutely loved reading as a community manager as well as someone raised next to Heaven's Gate (you're wacky San Diego) - Fun fact: Doug of @Airbnb learned about cult-like followings for brands (and how to build them) by studying actual cults. #cmxsummit Solid proof that you have to be pretty kooky to manage and build communities :) I'll continue updating on the summit as it continues!