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My favorite hair styling hacks are the tips on curling your hair.
@princessbri2 Yes, I saw the link :) I was just curious about your opinion. Thanks! These are great hacks... I also loved the ones about curling. I have never tried starting the iron in the middle! Also, I like the no heat method. I do it by putting my wet hair in a bun overnight or all of one day until it dries. Then I have some curls!
@sanityscout The things in the picture are used for pinup hairdos. Did you click the link in this card?
@princessbri2 I'm very curious about this post from seeing the image, but I'm left wanting more! I'd love for you to share in the text area what some of your favorite Hairstyling Hacks are from that list. Do any stand out in particular? Also, what are those things in the picture for? Can't wait to find out!