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Amazon v. Hachette Settlement
The war between Amazon and Hachette that started months ago regarding their digital book selling practices has finally come to a close. For those who don't know the background of this case, I previously discussed it here ( as well as some developments here ( Months have gone by, and finally the situation is solved. In the end, negotiations have been settled and Hachette will continue to work with Amazon. The details of the deal haven't been released, but it seems that Hachette will have the ability to price their e-books as they wanted, but that Amazon will offer them incentives to lower prices. This is likely an action they will not take, as they are trying to preserve book sales by not highly discounting e-books. Hachette has sent a note to its authors that their royalty percentages will not be changed as a result of this. Still, I can't help but feel a little wary. As a reader, I am happy to be able to once again get my books from Amazon, but Amazon's control of the market is huge. Over 50% of the book industry is currently controlled by (or closely affiliated with) the web giant. Is this sustainable? Will publishers die at the hand of it, leaving us with authors self-publishing through Amazon? I am fully in support of less big name publishers, but to say that these publishers don't help the quality and success of the book industry would be a naive lie. I want progress in the book industry, especially towards the publishing of more books by minority groups, but I don't want that progress to end with us all at Amazon! Whether this solution will go well or not is still to be seen!
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