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We are living in a world that people breath happiness. The air is full off happiness and in order to be happy just inhaling is enough. When we exhale, our breath is pink, just like a cigarette smoke. No smell, just colour. Everyone single person is exhaling pink. And this pink air again turns into pure happiness inside the air. So, happiness never ends, as soon as you continue breathing. Just imagine, you are walking in Manhattan, Champs-Elysees, Istiklal or Avenue Paulista; everyone exhaling pink, but you exhale blue. You know how to exhale in different colours, bec you know how to control your happiness. When you can do this, you can really control your happiness in both universes.
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I think your real talent lies in taking us on a journey through incredibly vivid imagery @OmerTurco. I'd love to see that incorporated with some real, thick details that can root these images somewhere so our minds have more time to explore it.