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There are sometimes that we think we are really happy or we are the happiest person in this world. Happiness that we have is just the shadow of the real happiness. The shadow disappears with a secret key, and than we are able to feel the real happiness. This happiness is pure, is too much. After some time your body wants to wake you back to the shadow, bec your body is still in the shadow world and this pure happiness is too much for it. Your mind finds the way for your body to get used to this pure happiness. You have a new addiction. Addiction of happiness. From now on your body and mind will live only to feel that pure happiness.
Controlling your actions is the way to control your fate. To really do that, one must know themselves fully! I also really feel the sentiments of this poem.
I totally agree with your easay. the essay says me that the happiniess isn't free. In my opinion, People try to be happy but it's too hard to be that so they should train by themselves. After it, they can be used to something they want.