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Aired on Sunday 15th April, Episode 20 of SBS’s Survival Audition K-POP Star the top 4 remaining contestants; Lee Seunghoon, Lee Hayi, Baek Ahyeon and Park Jimin received training from their respective companies, SM, JYP and YG. Unfortunately the only one remaining male contestant, rapper Lee Seunghoon was eliminated from the show. During the semi final episode of K-POP Star, the remaining contestants performed their individual songs. First Baek Ahyeon who went through JYP's training sang legendary song ‘I miss you’, Park Jimin who was under Boa's supervision then performed ‘love on top’, Thirdly Lee Hayi who received YG's training from Bigbang's TOP, sang ‘as time goes by’ and Lee Seunghoon, also under the supervision of JYP showcased his talents through the song “The show must go on”. Then they teamed up and perform special stage duet in pairs. Lee Seunghoon paired up with Baek Ahyeon and perform their version of Ma Boy while Park Jimin and Lee Hayi got into a team of two and sang ‘Goodbye Baby’. Contestant, Lee Seunghoon from Busan was the last contestant to perform his version of “The show must go on” on stage. He dyed his blond hair to purple grey to suit the feeling of the song as usual, he relied heavily on rapping not singing but what was unusual is that he didn’t dance as much as before. At the end his version of the song receives 86 points from JYP and 87 points out of 100 from both YG and SM. The judges gave neutral comments on his performances and JYP mentioned that he was expecting better performance from Lee Seunghoon. Finally he got eliminated from the show. As he was facing the critics, he was all in tears and his elimination was very heartbroken for his fans as well as the judge, YG, to be specific broke down in tears as he gave the final words about Lee Seunghoon leaving the show. Lee Seunghoon himself spoke up that he feels like he is taking a mountain out of his chest and he is grateful for his fans as well as the judges. YG expressed his admiration toward Lee Seunghoon’s hard works and he shed a tear as he shared his willingness to meet Lee Seunghoon again in professional world. Lee Seunghoon is the only contestant who is better at dancing and rapping while others are outstanding in term of vocal skills. He has made it into top 4 even with less powerful voices. He is viewed by the audiences as a true entertainer and YG’s favorite boy. And many fans are rooting for him to debut even after he left the show.
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i love KPOP star!!! whenever someone gets knocked out, I always cryyyy
JYP always gave out the lowest scores among the three judges >_<