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When you look upward, you see a shining box. Lights trying to escape from inside to outside. As if you compressed thousands of rainbows inside. But actually it is compressed happiness. The source of happiness in all universe is there, just flying a few meters upon you. You see those colours coming from inside first time in your life. Those yellows, oranges, reds, blues and all other colours that you don’t know; you do not want to stop looking. When the lights of those colours reach your body, all the pores on your body feeds from them and fills every single cell of your system with happiness. You are 100% filled with happiness, but your soul needs more and your body take the orders from it. After you look upwards to the lights and colours, you see everything more beautiful. Your point of view has changed. You do not judge anything, just accept everything as they are, and see the happiness inside. You want to take that box and put it inside of you, but your real body is not ready. Now you can control your soul, but not your body, yet. They gave you the key of your soul, but you need to find the password of your body on your own. Only after this, you can keep all the happiness that you need. You need to treat well both to your body and soul. When you did good things, you will feel that you start to control.
I find a bit of this confusing, too; what do you mean by real body? There are a lot of words stuffed with imagination here, but I can't get the meaning of a lot of them
I get a lot of vivid imagery out of this work, but I'm not sure what to make of it all! I didn't feel a resolution, really, just a peering into the colors of the world.