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Perfect is so out of style. And you're far from perfect cause you're wierd and wild. But i cant help it i love it you're unique just like the clouds Because you got me feeling high and i dont wanna tough the ground. And i know that when im down you can bring me up with that out of style smile.
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The next time I need to compliment someone, I am going to use the phrase "out-of-style smile." It's a great compliment.
I'm sorry but I giggled at the typo in the fourth line: you don't wanna tough the ground? I think you meant touch :) @Gilbert09
@timeturnerjones lmao yes thats what i meant /.\
@Gilbert09 It happens XD
@greggr I also loved that expression! "out-of-style smile." I also think perfect is out of style :) Many artist and photographers agree that true captivating beauty is in the imperfections and weird deviations that make people unique, rather than in perfectly proportioned features. That goes for personalities, too!