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This is a nice guy live recap for ep9 :) +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 +EP6 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54875 +EP7 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55719 +EP8 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57672 The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy) - Episode 8+Eng Sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/59743 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha They are in the sea MR" We promised to come here together, but why are you here alone?" EG"I just want to ..is it really beautiful I realized today in our country has such a beautiful place like this. maybe you here not first right?" MR said that I promised to come here with JH but it cancealed. she is my loved one. When did you know about our relationship? EG" I don't care," and EG wonders why didn't you tell me that share share the bed?" MR" becasue you are not JH,..You are not my loved one." EG get disappointed and wonders that all your saying and behaviors are calculated and planned? MR" Yes, if you are not a someone who abandon all your asset, i will consider to meet you,, if you are a person who is a successor of Tae son, I will consider" MR gives offense to her.... really cruelly... The president seo gets a call from JUNHA. He said your instructs were prepared primarily. He asks please consider one more. but he didn't answer. JH comes to the president SEO's room. She submits some papers that related to his curroption. to him. The president Seo is shocked from her behavior. He feel betrayed... JH said "I will leave this house if you treat Eunseok same as Eun gi. I will recieve your punishment please.. Eunseok is also your son !!" Actually JUNHA heard the conversation continually through the phone. Ann comes up and reveal his true colors. He prevents her from doing things that help the president SEO. Ann"We have to focus one thing. For me, one thing is you, and for you one thing is Eun seok." EG get a taxt message that your father passed away right now. please call me -JUNHA- On the way to home, EG thinks about something (I don't know what it is between two) but she returns her car. she speed up her car. Maybe it is because of his saying from MR. The news air that the president seo passed away and EG who was a first successor of Taesan in the car accident . She was in serious condition. Some period passed. EG disappears for 11months. They especially, a labor relations board tried to find EG. The conversation between Ann and the lawyer JUNHA. JUNHA treats them, he will report the police and let everyone know your crimes!!. but Ann says that " go to the police with one more paper.. actually that paper is a evidence of JUNHA's father makes a plan to kill EG's mother, the president's wife.. " After hearing that, junha gives up to report the police. The taeson's river, another company's president causes offense such as you're a second of the president SEO, you're not a owner, you are just a housedog, so keep quiet. live quietly... oh, EG's mother before she died, she is my best friend. A while ago, JG cried because of his father's death who is a onwer of fake bag company. but he never decides to return his house because he exploits the foreign workers. A swindler tried to fake someone but MR helps him and returns his money. They eat dinner together. That man loses all his money because of gambling. But actually MR approaches him with a purpose. MR approaches him to get secret from the cosmetic company. That man"if you did like this, then how much you can get?" A student waits for MR . He insists that his father even tried to suicide because of MR's fraud. CC protects him that he never does like that. he never.. he is not that person. But when MR comes up, he said " who makes you be deceived? It is your fault, how well did you know about me? if you want to revenge me, then be strong," CC is shocked and "it is worse rather than you playing with girl to get money." JG persudes him not to do that.. like this.. After your car accident you changed totally, you seem to have a death wish.. never do that... JH becomes a president of Taeson. In front of her house, her brother waits her for 5 hours because guides never allow to let him in. JH" we promised to never meet again after you got that amount of money. you, gambling again? huh I won't give you one red cent." JH orders that this room that was EG's room will change for Eun soek's playroom. it is time to clean it up. tomorrow immediately ! MR recalls the memories with EG. EG expressed her love frankly. The president who was the river of another company, actually a few days ago she caused a insult. JH holds out some pictures. In that picture, JH and the woman's husband were in together. JH tells that it is really easy to be the mistress kicking off you. right? you metioned yesterday but yes, I am a second of Taeson's president who was famous for stick and solid, then what about your husband? The woman "What do you want for me?" JH tells her several conditions . JG write on the paper " CC, A few days ago, my father passed away, it has been really hard for me. but I smile now, so that please smile CC, cheer up! and then if we support and take care of MR continually, then he will return again" EG and her secretary come to MR's neighbor. EG gets around his neighborhood. She wrote on the wall 'GAND MO RU" and she read 'GAND MARU' The children said that 'it is gang ma ru, oh you don't know the hangul even you're a adult. Are you a fool?" She loses her memories and her perceptive abilities. EG" I lost my memories,, After the accident... actually they said.. but the only one that I left is this camera. The sister who help me said that it is Gang maru on the camera. So I knew him.. I remeber right now... maybe we are the relationship that loved each other.. right?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The preview for ep 10 just wait a second :) hehehehe Finish. Actually I forget to something on today's story. The president Seo loved his wife sincerely even he is with JH. This is on the fierce conversation with JH and the president SEO before he dead.
wonder why JG's dad and EG'dad pass away at the same time?...
thank you for this recap...^^
I'm sad that the character of eun gi is so pitiful right now and if I were in maru's position the best thing for me to atone my sins to her is to help her regain her memories and return her to the place she needs to be, Of course she needs to get her beloved father's company and kick jae hee in here butt.
I come here because of Facebook! haha.. didn't know there is LIVE recap of NICE GUY on Vingle.. thanks for recap see you tomorrow.. will you do it again? :)
dipeh you're welcome >,< thanks for your encouraging.
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