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love these
absolute dream wheelllss any thoughts?!?#
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3 years ago·Reply
@MicahKnopp for the love of god, don't go with stims. kegels are great. in terms of otang wheels, kegels are master race. definitely not grip wheels. these predrift very smooth. awesome for DH runs that don't require grip, as well as pushing. roll speed is great, but if you got shitty roads, get the 80a's
3 years ago·Reply
well @Jlukasik I may like stims. I haven't tried them out yet, but I want to because I may like them. Its all about preference
3 years ago·Reply
they're chattery as fuck, there is nothing to prefer about them. there are smoother wheels out there that don't cost $50.
3 years ago·Reply
Would you like grip with your grip?
3 years ago·Reply