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what do you guys got?
This is my landyacht , I love this board . Pretty much everything is stock except bearings .
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Earthwing supermodel on Paris trucks orangutang 83a stimulus and loaded bearings 44' fibreflex on gullwing sidewinders oragutang 83a stimulus and loaded bearings I fancy an original pintail 40 with s10 trucks but there not availible in the uk
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Loaded tesseract caliber II 44 degree otang Kilmers 83a zealous bearings Gravity Makai 41 Randall 180mm 50 degree otang inheats 80a bones reds
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@crazyheart how do you like orangutang wheels? Are they good?
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I think there great. Got the same set on each of my boards cos I like em that much. I run the 75mm's so there great for cruising and downhill and at 83a I find is best duro for me. Great for gripping corners but break out to slide easy enough
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@shanker666 Yo what's the name of the board and what lineup?
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