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what do you guys got?

This is my landyacht , I love this board . Pretty much everything is stock except bearings .
2014 landyachtz tomahawk ( currently not set up) 2012 five mile f4 set up with first gen 50 cals these wheels and biltins
Bustin Maestro Special Edition Paris Trucks Stock 70mm wheels Independent 7 bearings
Loaded Bhangra, with Paris trucks and some shitty cruiser wheels. Landyachtz switchblade, with some Paris trucks, muirskate wheels and bearings (thanks @mikerosa92 !!) A pintail I made awhile ago that I use for cruising. Setup with Gullwing charger 2 trucks and my local board shops wheels (SUPPORT LOCAL SKATE SHOPS!!!) And a sector 9 Luke Nosewalker that my dad had for awhile, and he gave it to me. I have no idea what its setup with.
I think there great. Got the same set on each of my boards cos I like em that much. I run the 75mm's so there great for cruising and downhill and at 83a I find is best duro for me. Great for gripping corners but break out to slide easy enough
@crazyheart how do you like orangutang wheels? Are they good?
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