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I can't buy a board cus I'm broke. I wanna make a board but I'm broke. I need some gear, but I'm broke.
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Exactly mate. I cant afford some new wheels at the minuet because my daughter needs new school shoes
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Check local shops for used completes, craigslist usually has something, and eBay May but do your research. Comet has some really cheap decks and they're great for beginners or those transitioning from street to longboarding.
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@Ghostoftheswift @crazyheart well I'm 18 and live with my parents so @steezus I can just use there car but if I was added to my parents insurance it would be jacked up another 500 a month. Which is insane. I need to get my own plan started, but first things first. I need a job. It'd be cool if I had a good board to ride. I highly doubt the one I have could be considered "reliable transportation".
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Embrace living with your parents dude! Lol
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I know the feel
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