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I found a bridge and then I found a hill. Here's the result! Get to know me. If you would please click the youtube link and like or subscribe!! I'd really appreciate it!!
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i live in atlanta and its freezing i can imagine yea its gonna be cold where yall are at @RichardSchafer..but doesnt stop the addiction to wanna go ride haha juss bundle up!
Haha ya once I started sliding it wasn't so bad but breathing in all that cold air hurt my lungs. I agree with @pangzoo10 don't let the cold stop you from doing what you love! I'd invest on a neoprene mask tho @richardschafer
@skatehi619 you're my hero
@pangzpoo10 yeah I've been sick this past week and haven't been able to ride but hopefully tomorrow I will feel back to normal and @skatehi619 I won't
Exploring is a must man! It's cold where I live too. You just have to tighten up your tuck, and you stay pretty warm when bombing especially if you have a lot of turns, are sliding too. You can sweat longboarding in any temperature