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This is such a great idea. They used plastic water pipes. Saw this on a website and gonna try to make my own this weekend for my board.
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Good idea. Oh yeah! and try to a stud too. then you wouldn't need the anchors! good luck with your project, and I'll show you my boardrack as soon as it gets done. I designed it myself, and my grandpa is going to make it, and I'm gonna help him. It will hold guitars, skateboards, snowboards, and all of the gear too!! I only need to make room in my room. I feel you on the floor space thing
@KTM2014 i wanted a rack but i only have one board so far but maybe when my board collection gets bigger u can give me some ideas on building my own rack ;) i got a guitar that needs to be put somewhere too haha
Nice. my design holds at least four boards, and four guitars inside a cabinet underneath. I'm not sure how tall you are, but you might need something shorter. I guess we'll talk about that later though lol
that's a great idea. that could help to clean up my floor haha.
@JordanRaimondi yea im hoping thats what it will do for me haha