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Gullwing or Caliber?
I was just about to mount my 50 Cals on the Sugar because I just got some Atlas Trucks that I put on my switch, and I like the Calibers a lot better for high speed right now. The Gullwing Trucks might just need new pivot cups, but I'm not sure if that will improve them as much is I want stability wise at speed. Ronin's or Charger 2's would be the upgrade I would do from here. They are all very durable, and fun to ride. What trucks do you ride, or what trucks would you mount?
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Calibers. 44 degree is so much better tbh tho
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It just depends what you are going for man. Both of those pairs are the same degree hanger. I like my 50's. Good for everything from downhill to dodging people on the sidewalk! Next pair of trucks I get will either be precision or Pswiss cRonin's lol. I like those colors
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