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i read the first episode recap of the Oohlala Couple and i think i'm going to watch it..though what struck me more than the soul swapping that is to occur is the cheating spouses? a man who treats his wife as a piece of junks and goes about banging some other younger chick.. you married that person ..loved that person can you grow out of it? is your heart so lacking in ethics? well..the only reason that comes upfront is the guy's desires..are they more important than a person's heart? in short..cheating partners..should they be given a second chance? how can you be so sure that if they won't wander again..if someone's heart can sway once it can sway again? so should they be trusted again? is it a wise thing to do? differences are a different issue..they can be resolved..but cheating.. something that is a person's own choice..can you trust a person who chooses some other woman over you?
things like this get on my nerve!!
i guess they were made like that.. i don't know... but not all men are unworthy.. maybe 10-20% of the men here on earth...hahah
thanks!! i'm at home so it's safer..why do men have to be so unworthy of trust!!
hopefully it will be resolve..^^ but just take extra care nevertheless...^^
yes..the police are into it.. hope they take some's sad!!
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