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Year 2518, all the world is controled by machines. People don’t use manpower anymore. In every each part of life is watched by computers and machines. And the world is ruled by an islamic state. People believe in God, hell and heaven. This islamic government is tracking citizens from birth to death. Machines record every action of each single human being, and computers evaluate each action as a sin or goodness. Each citizen can ask government about their sins, and if their sins is more than the goodness they need to take care, otherwise they can not go to heaven. But, as always, this machines are open to threats. If some hackers, oposite groups or some gov officials take the control of machines, than they can manipulate and control all the world. This is why opposite groups are fighting for freedom. This is not a freedom of god or religion. This is a fight against potential repressive powers. These opposite groups do not have support from people, bec people see them against the god and religion. Only thing people want is just to go to heaven after death. But our opposite groups try to find the real heaven. With the help of technology and machines, they are trying to find a way. Their goal is to find the heaven or hell and to be sure about this. If they do not exist, show this and explain unnecessary actions, trackings and limitations of government to people. After many years of fighting and searching, they find the first written code of all cyber world. This code is the holy code given my god to people. And with this code they can get in contact with the programmer. We are living in heaven now with the power of free choice. We have limited time and just need to live freely.
At first the writer remind me of the novel, 1984 written by G.Orwell but after i read it, i think it tell us freeodom pholiasophically and easily. You are best!!
Don't you wish this was just science fiction?
This feels like a modified synopsis of something like 1984, you're so right @YEOwongu ~
This exploration is sure to have me dreaming about different codes and worlds. @OmerTurco but I think that this piece can be interpreted in so many ways, that I don't want to force my ideas on it. THank you for sharing.