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She is playing guitar, but this is different. She is playing it like she is playing with dough. She is combining finger movements with body movements. In each note she play, the figure of the guitar changes. With each change, she catches the happiness in the air and the guitar getting softer. The color of the guitar changes simultaneously with the change of the figure. I don’t just hear the music, also i see the notes going out of the guitar. Sometimes she catches the flying notes at the air and combines them with the guitar again and again, than she plays some new music from the lands of happiness. Now, with this new music I’m full of happiness. When music enters my body from my ears and eyes, my body starts tingling. I feel this is normal, when I’m full of happiness, but, when i look at my body closer i see a new world there, in micrometers. There are thousands of blooming buds coming out of my arms, legs, fingers, from all over my body. They are feeding with music, and as soon as music continues they continue blooming. I can see all the colors of this world and some new colors. Now, i can feel each blooming on my body. This is amazing. This is like exploring a new world; world of happiness on your body. I am getting used to this new world, but the thing i don’t know is: it is just starting. This tingling started with blooming buds, but now i feel that blooming is not enough for my body. Than wonderful green grasses started to grow on my body. Grasses are growing and than flying. When i inhale i took all those grasses inside again. This is a perfect recycling. More happiness give you more and more. Now roots of trees are coming out of my pores. The colors are changing with each new roots; first brown, than yellow, blue, purple, red, and continuing with all other colors i know or don’t know. With each new color the old one falls down to my body again, and my body assimilates it. Another perfect recycling of happiness. The roots are coming out of my body like fireworks. Now, on all over my body there are blooming buds, growing grasses and roots coming out of each pores with millions of colors. It is like a fair, festival or circus. Everyone is happy, and as long as they are happy they give more happiness to others.
I'd love to see some art work to go with this, especially the last paragraph. That is some crazy imagery.
This poem feels pretty out-of-this-world if you know what I mean @OmerTurco I think there are some that will understand, and other's that will feel it's explorations into the possibilities of the mind might be a little too extreme.Either way, the imagery is certainly a sight for the mind.