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I'm opening my eyes, but can not move my head or body. Something is wrong. Where am i? Than i figure it out, I'm lying on a surgery table for a brain surgery. I think it is already started. May be they are on a lunch break. Than i hear her voice. Do you want me to continue? Slowly looking down and see her. A zombie with a clown face. Than the music comes and she starts a pole dance. She is amazing. I'm trying to remember what is happening and happened here. Than i think; who cares, just live the moment as always. Music is from 80s, maybe Dirty Dancing. Lights are changing simultaneously. I don't know, are the light really there or is my brain playing a game with me. Than slowly lights are dimming and she comes next to me and asks; are you ready? Am i ready for what? I am trying to say somethings, but i can not control my mouth. But she understands what i want to say from my eyes. She says: don't worry, it will be quick. She puts the mask on her face, but i still can see her smile.
I would follow that collection! @OmerTurco - this gave me creepy goosebumps haha. I like the lack of quotation marks around the dialogue - it makes it somehow more nebulous and disorienting, like the situation.
It started as a piece, but became a part of something larger.
@OmerTurco Are many of your pieces inter-connected? They seem to share themes; if they are related, might I make a suggestion? If you create a collection with a catchy title for all of these works, it will help us interact with them all together, which I believe can strength them overall! I've been enjoying them, so I'd like to see this kind of collection.
This is a really hard question :)
scary situation! @OmerTurco is this simple an explorative crearive piece or park of something larger?