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“Whether it’s a skill or a way of doing things, ultimately, once you’ve let go of everything that doesn’t matter, you’re left with the nature of that thing.” - Taro Tamai That quote by snowboarder, shaper and surfer Taro Tamai really inspires me to not worry about the skill or "way to do something well" as much, and to just do it. Don't worry about the consequences, or the hype, just do it as it naturally comes! This short documentary, The Northern Sky, is an intimate, raw and unique look inside the mind of snowboarder, shaper, and surfer, Taro Tamai. It’s a movie that snowboarders, surfers, and anyone with a work ethic alike can enjoy and appreciate! While I don't plan on picking up a board anytime soon, I do plan to work on learning from his amazing attitude. What I loved most about this video was that it wasn't a video slammed with advertisements, or trying to show me the action-packed nature of this sport. Instead, it focused on the soul of a rider, and why he loves the sport, which I think is way more important anyways!
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Wow! This is such a great video!