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Ever wonder how your body heals when you get a surface wound? And those pesky scabs, that you just can't keep your fingers off of: how do they form? With these two videos, take a crash course and learn about how your body heals itself to recreate the outer protective layer of skin you rely on to survive!
@McDoogle What a great juxtaposition to notice! I also don't think that's where I should use juxtaposition, but I'm going with it! It is a really cool look at just how we heal, and how that makes us special. Glad you liked it!
@nehapatel - this was really cool and informative! I found it charming that a robot was giving the presentation in the video, too, since one of the huge things that separates us from robots (aside form sentience and reproduction) is our ability to self-heal. The human body is a miraculous and wondrous thing!