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When they found him, it looked like he was meditating, as his body did not fall when he died. It was exactly on his 100th birthday. Only with his dying breath, he suddenly remembered. He remembered that moment, some 67 years ago when he felt the same - that this was his last breath. He remembered the cracking sound as the soldier broke his leg, he remembered how he could not breathe and how he realized that his own father have just gave a direct order to kill him, while he was standing there right on his side. But then he remembered how suddenly, he was on the ground and could breathe again, and how the next thing he saw was the inside of a big boat, and then he couldn't remember any of that until that moment when he knew that he can now die in peace. Half a world away, in a small house outside Damascus, Luke lays down his quill. He have just finished writing his two books about the life and death of Jesus Christ, and about the beginning of the Christian faith. They are, as he promised his mother on her death bed, part history and part myth. He is quite sure that he followed her orders in a way that would please her. He does not know some of the most crucial facts anyway...