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So here it is. Grabbed myself a pair of these motocross gloves super cheap with the intention of making myself a pair of slide gloves. I haven't decided if I'm going to buy some slide pucks or use chopping board or corian samples. The thing is it's deciding how to fix the pucks to the gloves. Really don't wanna use strong glue because once the pucks wear down I'll have to bin the gloves so maybe Velcro? Any ideas n tips guys??
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The loops go on the glove. And the only thing I really didn't like about using cutting boards for pucks I that you burn through them really fast
That will be awesome seeing you spread the knowledge! I'm sure there's plenty of fellow longboarders in this group that haven't even thought of making their own slide gloves.
I know a lot of people use Velcro with cutting boards, I think that's probably the best idea too. You should post pictures and explain how you made your gloves when you get the final product!
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