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best drop through longboard New to longboarding

what are drop through longboards good for really like what was it made for and which is good but affordable
there is no best anything in skateboarding though. its all preference
i have a never summer clutch drop thru deck and it wasnt too pricey and its been a great start for me. @TonyDeAnda what are u mostly focused on trying to achieve on ur board...tricks, downhill bombing, freestyles, honestly all comes down to personal preference and comfort...cuz remember "its not about the board..its about the rider"
@TonyDeAnda from the LITTLE experience ive gotten with my drop thru deck..its been good to me for freeriding..havent tackled n e hills yet. but the drop thru deck is suppose to help u with bombing hills..its closer to the ground for better stability..and if u dont like being too close to the ground the good thing bout the drop thru decks are that u dont have to drop ur trucks through giving u a little more distance frm the ground..
@pangzoo10 im looking for something to bomb hills and freeride
I own a Loaded Tan Tien. This deck along with the Dervish Shama are great drop though decks.
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