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Its dawn again… The heart aches for the day, Not in yearn, but pang, Bored by the prospects of day, The repetitive cycle of toil, Like endless spin of wheel, No excitement, No progress, Tis like a cut & paste of the day before, I can live this day, my eyes shut… The drone of radio…oh so draining, The presenter as dry as wood, Jokes getting more solemn than dirge, The ever so mellow music ebbs life itself, Traffic snarls up ahead, as usual.. A casual look to the left, I see it all As I see everyday… The couple sits in silence, married perhaps, To my right, I’m met with hollow inert sockets, Devoid of thrill and bliss… The rat race begins, as it always does, With greed on the cover page.. And streams of fibs on pages that follow… The day’s chores beckon, like an irritant itch, The brain doesn’t bleep through the motions, The 4-walls suffocate ambition and will, The tick-tock of clock above, a reminder Of the vicious cycle of monotony.. The night is cast.. I’m afraid to bid the day..a sham I say, I pray to God, that I won’t have to say, Its dawn again…
The idea of a day being cut and pasted is fun: can I also undo and backspace if I need ot?
"hollow inert sockets" = eyes? Fantastic! @Alexkeem
If I didnt feel boredom very strongly before, I definitely do now! @alexkeem your explanations of feeling "blah" with boredom are great