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She came to me one night, And sat on my lap, as she always did, Somehow tonight was different, Or so it felt, Instinctively…. I started to stroke the top of her head, She didn't look up, She never did… Always reassured by my presence, I have always wondered though, Why she’d never left me, Wish I could ask her, And even if I could, She wouldn’t answer me. We’ve always spent nights like this In quiet solitude, Both of us in our own worlds Sometimes I wonder what she thinks, At times..i quietly ask her, More of a whisper perhaps And she always tilts her head, As if she’d say something, Then she drops her head again, And let her gaze linger on my feet. I can hear her heart beat, Gently pound on the flesh of my thigh, It’s the only thing that reminds me, Of our shared destiny of mortality, I wonder whether she knows that, Sometimes I wish I could live like her, A life of pure simplicity… Just lying there, purring… And licking my paws… What a life.
thank you, good people
What a life indeed: I think we all wish we could be cats at one time or another
@Alexkeem This is great: I did not know what I was reading when I started (it felt a little racy!) but the humorous ending was great. Good work.
Hahahhaha you have such a fun sense of humor within your work @Alexkeem