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Time consuming but very easy to make because I used puff pastry sheets by pepperidge farm. One pack was good enough to cover 8 small gala apples. Peeled and cored the apples and filled it with mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, oatmeal, and butter. I yhen brushed it with 1 whole beaten eggs and baked in 350 oven for 40 minutes. Now I just need vanilla ice cream to go with this :) I think I'm making this for Thanksgiving dinner ... it's so pretty!!!
@galinda same here! its so popular that it often sells out where I live haha
I love frozen puff pastry! When it goes on sale at Trader Joes around this time of year I buy boxes and boxes!!
Apple Dumplings?? I love dumplings and I love apples... This seems like a must try. @carolinian87 what recipe did you use for this?
These are too cute! I love the stems and leaves you added too :)
Wow, this looks so interesting and delicious! Clipping and hoping to try it!
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